title reading 'funo-shika'

Art Gallery

Here you can find some of the concept art and illustrations of the characters of the world. While there aren't many here yet, you can also filter through the existing gallery to find specific pieces.

an illustration of two characters lying in the grass in the evening a messy lineup of four different tehyans a simple reference sheet showing a blue skinned fumi scientist a sketch of iliou, an awkward man with orange hair in a long braid a sketch of osia, a teal skinned fumi, who appears to be laughing an illustration of koharu, an orange tehyan, striking a confident pose a lineless illustration of clek, a teal skinned fumi an unfinished reference sheet of koharu a work in progress of a portrait of koharu in a white button up shirt an unshaded gif of koharu turning away sadly a rough animation of iliou turning to the camera, turning from shocked to smirking